Residential Services

From small additions requiring only a crawl space, to homes with a need for everything from the basement or crawl space excavation, driveway, septic system, water and sewer service, through to the spreading of top soil for a finished product, Harbor Springs Excavating can get the work done for you. We also build retaining walls to help create a better fit on difficult sites.

Some specialties we have become known for are working in wet sites (and creating dry holes for your basements) and working on difficult terrain (steep slopes, poor soils, etc).

  • Excavator Services
  • Driveways
  • Septic Systems
  • Top Soil & Gravel Products
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscaping
  • Basement Excavation
  • Water & Sewer Services
  • Demolition
  • Clearing

If acting as your own General contractor please give Harbor Springs Excavating a call. If you have chosen to bid your work via a General Contractor, please ask that they include us on their list of bidders to help build you your new home.

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Snow Removal

Although we do not normally plow individual driveways, we do plow drives located on our plow routes and we perform plowing of private drives when bundled as a package (i.e.: the majority of drives in a subdivision or condominium). For these types of jobs we normally employ our fleet of small tractors and rubber tracked skid steers with snow blowers to minimize damage.


Quite often to build a new home in an ideal location one must purchase an existing structure and have it removed. Harbor Springs Excavating can perform the service of demolishing an existing structure from home sites and we take all debris that cannot be recycled to licensed landfills. Anything that can be salvaged for recycle is done by our crew. The most common materials for recycle are concrete, asphalt and steel. The concrete and asphalt are recycled locally at one of our pit locations and the steel is normally taken to a scrap yard.

Harbor Springs Excavating can also bring in the required services to check for hazardous materials and to dispose of them if they are found. This is highly recommended on residential work as the liability remains yours even after is removed from the property if it is not done properly.