Top Soil & Gravel

Topsoil provided by Harbor Springs Excavating is screened to remove debris greater than ½” in diameter. We blend loamy topsoil with sandy topsoil and decomposing mulch or peat soils to create a blend that is good for planting and easy to rake out.

We can deliver a wide array of gravel & sand products:

  • Sand / Fill dirt / Bank run
  • Ice Control Sand
  • Beach sand
  • Washed stone products; Pea stone, Drain Stone
  • Afton Stone, 22-A road gravel
  • River rock / Potato stone, 2-6” stone
  • Boulders, Natural Field Stone, Limestone, Colorful Quarried Rock


In addition to the three gravel pits we own or lease in Emmet County, we maintain strong relationships with private pit owners throughout our service area. This in turn allows us to utilize the most cost effective location for your job, keeping us competitive in any market we serve.