Site Development & Commercial Development

Private roads, subdivisions, athletic, riding, and power sport facilities, large commercial developments – these are all areas Harbor Springs Excavating has the expertise and experience, to create a first class facility for your needs.

  • Sub-divisions
  • Ponds
  • Roads
  • Athletic Fields – (baseball, soccer, football, polo and track)
  • Engineered Fills
  • Riding Arenas
  • Clearing
  • Sewer and Water
  • Snow Removal
  • Demolition
  • Sea Walls
  • Retaining Walls

Whether you are building new, adding features to existing development or performing maintenance Harbor Springs Excavating can help.

Site Development & Commercial Development Gallery

Snow Removal

Harbor Springs Excavating performs snow removal operations for private roads and commercial parking. The roads can be residential subdivisions or commercial enterprises and the commercial work can range from small businesses to schools and factories.

The bulk of our work is performed with loaders equipped with snow buckets that increase the capacity and efficiencies of the loaders by a factor of at least 3. We also plow with a large single axle dump truck equipped with a 10’wide x 3 1/2’ front angle plow and a hopper for distribution of a sand and salt mix for ice control. For back up we have plow blades to fit our loaders and a road grader that can be used for a very effective plow for roads and moving back accumulated snow banks. We also own a large county style blower for moving back snow banks. This blower is mounted on the front of our loaders and is independently powered by a large diesel motor for maximum productivity.


Quite often to build a new home or business in an ideal location one must purchase an existing structure and have it removed. Harbor Springs Excavating can provide the service of demolishing an existing structure from home sites to multi story commercial buildings. We take all debris that cannot be recycled to licensed landfills. Anything that can be salvaged for recycle is done by our crew. The most common materials for recycle are concrete, asphalt and steel. The concrete and asphalt are recycled locally at one of our pit locations and the steel is normally taken to a scrap yard.

Harbor Springs Excavating can also bring in the required services to check for hazardous materials and to dispose of them if they are found. This is a required service on all commercial projects.